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Make Your Own Mallets for Timpani & Bass Drum!

How would you like NO LIMIT to the variety of sounds and textures available to you on timpani?

How to make your own mallets for Timpani and Bass Drum

Do You play timpani and/or Bass drum?

Do You want more mallets for more sound options?

But I bet YOU don't wan't to pay the normal cost!

Download this info packed E-book Today, and Learn...

How YOU can Cut the Cost of quality Percussion mallets down to just a few dollars.* disclaimer

Jim McCarthy With DIY Timpani Mallets
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Hello fellow percussionists and music educators!

My name is Jim McCarthy, & I'm going to show you how to get a wide range of timpani and bass drum mallets for various tone colours - and WITHOUT spending much cash at all! To find out how, just read through to the bottom of this page.

You will discover:

  • Everyday materials for mallet heads that are exactly like a commercial one. (pg 4)
  • How to create perfect mallet shafts. (pg 6-8)
  • The two main covering techniques for covered mallets.(pg 9-23)
  • How to make coverings so no seams create uneven sound when playing. (pg 13,17-18,20-22)
  • What heads & coverings to use for appropriate sounds and effects. (pg 25-27)
  • Timpani Technique tips for sound, rolls, and dampening. (4pg 2-25, 27)
  • Bass drum Technique tips. (pg 28-29)


So Let's compare the cost of commercial mallets with ones you make yourself!

When you make your own mallets, the cost of the various mallet parts may vary a little depending on what variations you use and of course simply from one store to another! The parts of the mallets will cost you a whole lot less than buying them commercially though, and you can tailor your own mallets to the exact sound you want!. Let's have a look at some examples:

Why Not Compare Prices Yourself From Some Major Suppliers?

Cost of making your own timpani mallets...
Price approx $2.70 to $11.93 per pair

Allans/Billy Hydes - Australia's biggest percussion store.
Prices approx $24 (no wrap) to $48 per pair

Steve Weiss
Prices approx. $13.95 (no wrap) to $92 per pair.

Musician's Friend
Prices approx $13.19 (no wrap) to $92 per pair.

Wood Shafts$ 2.00 per pair
Other Shafts$ 3.73 per pair
Coverings vary from none - to standard felts - to bigger and more specialized.$ 4.00 per pair
$ 0.00 per pair
Cores also vary from one type to another. Here are the estimated ranges. But most the common suggested ones are cheap!$ 4.00 per pair
$ 0.50 per pair
MISC. (Like glue etc)
The cost of these is almost negligable. One small tube of glue for example will last for as many mallets as you are ever likely to make for one person!* disclaimer But let's be generous and call it 20c per pair!$ 0.20 per pair
TOTAL - BETWEEN$ 2.70 & $11.93 per pair


Click to Get Your Timpani & Bass Drum Mallet Guide NOW

Just $17

Let me tell you the story... of how the mallet making guide came about...

You see, I used to be much like many of you. I was a student percussionist, and amongst my many musical passions, was playing timpani in the University Wind Orchestra. Eventually I got through a couple of music degrees & made performing and teaching my full time Job - and the expense of mallets ramped up even more!

I remember buying my first pair of timpani mallets - even 23 odd years ago they cost about $20 and these were a bargain as they were made by my teacher who did it professionally! I remember though that I was pleased because at last I could play timpani as well as just drums. And as I learned some skills, I eventually wanted to play in some ensembles.

So my very FIRST rehearsal playing timps - it was a concert band - I confidently count bars and begin playing my part at the correct moment....

....and the conductor suddenly stops the group.... turns to me... "Can you use harder mallets for this section please?" he says. My first inclination that timpani mallets were not a one size fits all affair! So I purchased a second pair of harder mallets.

And so the collection started to expand as I needed softer ones as well - and so on! You know the story! And pretty quickly some of these mallets started to need replacing as the felt coverings began to wear. I realized - just as you probably have by now - that getting a suitable range of sounds from timpani could be quite expensive!

bass drum mallets made at home
timpani mallets made at home
seamless covering on a timpani mallet
A few of the Mallets YOU can make from simple everyday materials. These ones cost just a couple of dollars each to make.
I made the decision to learn to make my own mallets. You see, I had already started teaching myself to make my own mallets for keyboard instruments... so this seemed like it should be easy in comparison.... but it wasn't!

I did as much research as I could, and took apart some of my commercially made mallets so I could investigate the way they were made... and I did initially have SOME success, but there were definitely some problems. It took quite a bit of trial and error to figure out the finer points to make a truly professional mallet - things like felt coverings that had no seam that could make the sound uneven - or coverings that didn't bunch up or come apart.

Over the next few years I gained a lot of experience creating mallets.

I experimented with different shafts, heads, covering types and techniques etc.

Pretty soon I had the biggest and fanciest range of cool mallets I could imagine!

I had a MUCH wider range than most shops even sell today!

You see, now that I could create all sorts of mallets for well under 10 bucks a pair, my mallet choice was way, way less limited by cost. If I wanted a slightly different sound or feel in my mallets for a certain piece - I simply made a special set of mallets to suit.

DIY bass drum mallet collection DIY timpani mallet collection

Many of these mallets (although certainly not all) I still have today. Have a look at my current collection - ALL of these were made by me, and could just as easily be made by YOU.

Many of these mallets you couldn't even buy in a shop if you wanted to - they are custom designed. Even if you could though, it would cost you SIGNIFICANTLY more than the approximately $80 they cost me to make! At today's average price for decent timpani mallets that is about the cost of just TWO PAIRS!

Here's how YOU can also save heaps, by creating your own unique & professional mallets for timpani & Bass Drum Without a painful learning curve.

Timpani mallet making book Now YOU can benefit from all my research, experience and experimentation by making your own collection of mallets. With this new Guide to making percussion mallets, you will have all the information you need to create virtually all the standard timpani mallet types (as well as some others) using inexpensive everyday materials.

You'll be able to replace frayed or worn out felt coverings on existing mallets to often "better than new" for just a couple of bucks and in just a few minutes.* disclaimer

Once you read this mallet making guide you'll soon have access to a wide variety of special purpose mallets to perfectly suit any instrument, and any situation - including timpani, bas drums, gongs and many others. AND learn quite a few trick to actually play with a better sound and avoid problems like slipping mallets as well!

Your guide to making mallets keeps saving you dollars with every pair you make, and you'll recoup the cost in just one pair of mallets!

Here's just some of the stuff you'll find in your mallet making guide.


Do I need any special equipment to make mallets? What tools will I need?

No - you absolutely need nothing out of the ordinary to make mallets. Here's a list of the sort of things you will need.

  • A drill with a couple of drill bits.
  • A fine bladed saw - I use a hacksaw.
  • Some sandpaper (80 grit or similar and some coarse stuff)
  • A small sharp knife.
  • A pair of scissors
  • A needle or two for sewing.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You have 56 days so that you can fully try out the product!

It took me a long time and much frustration to aquire the skills and knowledge required to write this mallet making guide for you. But I'm 100% confident of every single thing in it because I make all my OWN mallets with these techniques now, and have been for years. They have stood the test of time and heavy use.

Obviously I can’t make the mallets for you, and your success is going to be determined a little bit by your own efforts. Your skills will likely improve a little with practice.

If however, you feel my product is at fault and it doesn't work for you then I don't deserve your money! Simply contact clickbank within 56 days for a complete and full refund – no questions asked. In fact I insist! I don't want your money if you don't find this guide exactly what you need to create your own awesome mallet collection.

So go ahead and click here to get started

All this for less than the shop price of a single pair of mallets!

Just $17

Click to Get Your Timpani & Bass Drum Mallet Guide NOW

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P.S. There's no gimmicks here - just real information that you won't find anywhere else!

P.P.S. This is definitely for you if you want a whole range of professional percussion mallets and still have a budget to spare!

P.P.P.S. This price is a steal because you get all the info you need for an entire mallet collection, for less than what you'd normally pay for ONE PAIR OF MALLETS in a shop, so click here to get started.



The informational products available at, are designed to give the user all the information required to make their own percussion mallets. The exact cost and quality of the final outcomes are subject to the selection of materials and the abilities of the individual making the mallets. It is likely that a little practise will be required from the average user before the skills described, are attained to a high enough level to produce mallets of a professional quality. Once these skills are achieved however, the user should have the ability to make a wide variety of mallets for various sound qualities, from readily available materials that cost significantly less than any commercially equivalent mallets.

Read the FULL disclaimer here.

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